The Facebook Reveal service is structured to meet the needs of small organizations who want to make the most of their Facebook Page.

This Facebook Reveal service is meant to reveal in two ways. First, I reveal the “secret sauce” to use Facebook in a profitable way. I share philosophy, strategies, techniques, and updates that only social media managers know. These will help make the Facebook platform an effective communications tool for you.

Second, by helping you with Facebook and related marketing strategy, I help you reveal your small organization on Facebook. Admittedly, Facebook has buried business pages, it has set up its algorithm so that Pages do not show up in others’ feeds. It takes considerable strategy, tactics and a little money to get your posts seen by potential customers.


Through this service, I’m offering access to high level strategies that make your social media more effective. I also provide directly relevant tactics to bring your social media to life. I want to help small organizations make their social media goals a reality.

You might take a moment to think about what you are looking for from this service:

  • Are you having trouble getting your posts seen?
    {Let’s think}
  • Do you want more interaction from your followers?
  • Do you want more sales or email opt-ins from your social media?
  • Do you want more confidence knowing you are following the best practices on Facebook?
  • Have you realized social media can be time consuming and want to be more efficient with creating posts?
  • Are you wondering what the most recent Facebook updates are and if you can use them to your advantage?
  • Do you feel like you have an excellent product/service but feel like it’s getting lost in the online noise?

This service addresses all of these questions (and more)! I go beyond offering a simple tutorial, and offer how these specifically apply to your business in two 60 minute online meetings.


1. How To Be More Effective

Do you feel confident that your message is cutting through the online clutter? When you post to social media do you feel you clearly communicate your unique strengths in a non-sales-y way? Or does your brand and how you want your customers to view you get lost in translation? Do you sound like everyone else in your field?

A crucial key to making your social media work is having a defined brand. (A brand is not solely a cool logo, it is much more). I want to help you get clear on your brand and embrace it so you can be heard in a noisy online world. If you are already confident in this area, I will provide my take on your brand but not spend alot of time on this area.

I will also touch on blogging and how it can help your business. No one has time to blog, but you can save yourself advertising money by spending just an hour or two per week on a blog. Investing time (or money if you hire someone) to create blog content can be more effective than advertising.  I’ll explain the marketing strategy that surrounds blogging and some ideas to get off to a quick start.

2. How to (Re)Start your Social Media

A post to social media is like viewing the tip of the iceberg. Viewers see the iceberg tip, but there is a lot of going on underneath! For your Facebook posts to truly be effective, not only do you need to know your message (your brand), you need to know the Facebook platform and have a solid social media strategy.

I help you with these by providing training on the following:

  • The philosophy for using social media
  • How social media works to deliver sales
  • Refining target markets
  • Creating attractive posts
  • Defining social media objectives- awareness, engagement, sales
  • Facebook specific techniques & tips
  • Monitoring your social media for ongoing improvements
  • Other relevant insights for your organization

3. How to Be More Efficient

If you have done any work with social media, you know that creating content can be time consuming! I will provide some on-platform features and off-platform processes to organize and streamline your content creation process. This can help dramatically decrease the time you spend, also making it easier for you to post more consistently.

4. Samples

I provide suggestions for improving your current branding and Facebook posts. I will also provide 5 sample Facebook posts so you can see exactly how to apply these high-level insights.

I’ve found that there are 3 critical (and difficult) steps to improving your social media:

1) Learning (finding relevant and accurate information online)

2) Applying (understanding how information applies to your specific situation)

3) Executing (consistently posting, applying concepts, and tweaking to continuously improve your social media performance).

This service is unique in that I help you with both 1 & 2! (More on this below). When we are done, you will be in a position to execute confidently for continuous improvement. (This will also save you the money from myself doing #3 for you!)


Can’t I get the same level of training from an online tutorial?

Nope. Most online tutorials by top social media leaders only provide help with concepts. My experience with online tutorials is that there is more hard-lifting to be done in terms of applying concepts.  (This can be  tricky if you don’t have enough professional social media experience).

They can also be hours and hours long, but full of information that doesn’t apply to your small business. In most cases, small businesses need to more fully understand how Facebook works and use their current Page options before delving into more complicated advertising options.

These two scenarios are negated here, because I focus on talking about what small businesses need to know, and edit out what you already know. I spend time to understand your specific business & social media strategy. (I do this by emailing or calling you to fill out a questionairre up front). I teach concepts and apply concepts, thereby taking the stress off you to create an effective social media strategy.

Well, can’t any social media manager provide this insight?

Yes, but they don’t want to. It takes time to set up a tutorial, and usually there isn’t a big return on investment for it unless you sell lots and lots. Bigger name social media gurus will provide tutorials, but they don’t have time to help insure you understand the concepts and how to apply them. You want a small local business who will take the time to walk you through the steps and help you with application.

I’ve also had the unfortunate experienced of buying from a small local business and being charged the equivalent of 3 months of work ($750-$3,000).That’s not really a fair price point unless they truly deliver high level strategy and relevant samples. Instead, I got no high level strategy, critiques on ad pictures and wording, and no preparation beforehand to make the meeting worthwhile.

Here I’ve put all the higher level concepts, plus practical tips and even done some of the execution for you (5 social media posts), all for an affordable price.

Do you teach Facebook Ads Manager in this course?

No, I do not teach the back end of Facebook, that is Ads Manager, in this course. Facebook Ads Manager is a powerful tool for putting money behind your posts.

The funny thing is though, the reason a lot of ads don’t work isn’t the setup in Ads Manager. It’s the creative. This tutorial will really help you nail your creative. That’s they key to being successful with ads and on Facebook in general.

In this tutorial, I show you how to simply boost posts if you want to put money behind them. That is a useful tool and is a lead-in to using Facebook Ads Manager down the road, since the targeting is similar.

How can I know that you know what you’re talking about?

My knowledge base on marketing and social media is quite deep. It includes:

  • Decades of marketing experience
  • Thousands in social media training across Facebook & Instagram
  • Membership in a couple exclusive, paid Social Media Manager Associations – including Social Media Examiner (membership has a $300 price tag)
  • The latest marketing and social media books from: Guy Kawasaki, Mark Schaefer, and more
  • Completely up to date on the latest Facebook & Instagram updates and trends – follow my Facebook profile to keep up on these.

The Mustard Seed Social profiles on Instagram and Facebook demonstrate my understanding of each platform.

Why don’t you have a larger following?

It’s notable that Facebook and Instagram are not ideal for business to business organizations (they are for business to consumer).  I like to use them to show my expertise. I enjoy the platform and it is also helpful to see what ad creative resonates with my audience.

Side note: I would also advise any businesses against growing a large following for the sake of… growing a large following. This is a vanity metric small businesses can get overly concerned with. A small following that appreciates you and interacts with your posts is much more likely to buy from you.

Can I consult with you after the meeting?

Most definitely. I prefer Messenger or email for follow up questions.

Can I get a discount?

We are not currently offering discounts on this service.

Can’t I find this information online for free?

You might be able to. But are you sure you want to spend loads of time (months likely) to get the same level of information you could absorb in minutes? It’s also the case that many social media leaders aren’t willing to give away the secret sauce for free. You usually have to pay for the social media strategies that are working now.

Why don’t you offer this as an online tutorial like everyone else?

My mission from the start has been to help small businesses, the structure of this offering helps me to do that. I think small businesses get much more out of personal instruction and hands-on help that an online tutorial.

I also think this service can be an optimal solution for those who can’t afford to pay a social media manager monthly.  Inevitably what happens is the business’ social media falls silent during off seasons. Your social media posts are most effective when they’re year round. It helps to consistently post and stay in front of users , so you continue to develop your relationship with them.


This service includes 2 one-hour online meetings. I provide information specific to your business that you can use right away, including 5-6 Facebook posts.

Please inquire for price details.


Let’s get together so I can help you put together a winning Facebook strategy!  This Facebook Reveal package includes some branding suggestions as well as Facebook specific strategies and tactics to help you become more visible, effective, and efficient on the Facebook platform. It can help you meet your specific organizational goals.