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Hi, I'm Maile.

I’m a Facebook Ad Specialist, gardener, and entrepreneur that’s committed to scaling your business.

We Deliver Qualified Leads 

Looking for a reliable online system for acquiring customers? We leverage Facebook ads to introduce your business to thousands of Facebook & Instagram users. Our Automated Touch Machine (ATM) service gets the ideal audience to buy your products & services.

Want Do It Yourself  Services?

Facebook Training

Your Page is the perfect place to engage buyers. Learn how to get more eyes on your Page.


This is a popular option for those that want to run simple Facebook Ads themselves. 


What Others Say


Maile Schunk, of Mustard Seed Social, was extremely helpful to our school as we sought to create a greater presence on social media. Prior to hiring Maile, we found ourselves randomly posting to our school’s Facebook page with no real plan and no goal for gaining greater reach. We also had no concrete way to drive prospects to our website.

With Maile’s help, we were able to narrow down some unique areas that separate us from our competition and she then guided us on how to message these using Facebook.

Maile provided an hour-long presentation on ways to implement her suggestions. We emerged from our work with Maile feeling more clear about how to direct our message on social media and more focused on how to effectively connect with our intended audience on Facebook.

Stephanie Justen

Trinity School
at Meadow View


Our Facebook meeting with Maile at Mustard Seed Social was essential to our understanding of social media trends and opportunities. She provided fantastic ideas and insight for our business to promote with our customers.

After our meetings with Maile, we knew how to best engage our Facebook followers.  With her help we developed social media goals we are working toward. Maile, thank you for sharing your knowledge and ideas with us!

Haylie Buersemeyer
VA Spa & Salon

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