I was working in marketing for over a decade, when I decided it was time to start my own company. I’d had a professional interest in social media for a long time. After I successfully ran some Facebook ad campaigns for my employer, I decided it was time to make the leap.

I saw an opportunity in the marketplace for my services. Large ad agencies charged too much. At the same time, freelancers couldn’t provide results.

My goal is to run Facebook Ad campaigns and give Facebook Page tutorials that are strategic, effective, and profitable.


We offer social media services that generate interest in our business customers. We pledge to serve our customers well by doing the following:

  • Run effective ad campaigns
  • Use high quality images
  • Offer our services at reasonable prices
  • Set reachable goals that satisfy client needs
  • Stay consistent with your company brand look and feel
  • Provide the best customer service anywhere


We believe that great things can come from humble beginnings. We find inspiration in the words of Matthew 17:20, God’s Word Translation.


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maile-headshotMy name is Maile Ann Schunk, and I grew up in sunny Hawai’i. I left the islands to attend the University of Notre Dame and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Marketing. Since then, I’ve worked on marketing teams at a variety of companies including the largest private university in Hawai’i, and some notable associations in Washington D.C. My resume is posted on LinkedIn.

I love helping businesses through this ad agency. I officially launched Mustard Seed Social in January 2017. My business is located near Washington, DC and we serve clients around the world.