The Facebook Reveal service is structured to meet the needs of small organizations who want to make the most of their Facebook Page.

This Facebook Reveal service is meant to reveal in two ways. First, I reveal the “secret sauce” to use Facebook in a profitable way. I share philosophy, strategies, techniques, and updates that only social media managers know. These will help make the Facebook platform an effective communications tool for you.

Second, by helping you with Facebook and related marketing strategy, I help you reveal your small organization on Facebook. Admittedly, Facebook has buried business pages, it has set up its algorithm so that Pages do not show up in others’ feeds. It takes considerable strategy and/or money to get your posts into potential customers’ Facebook feeds.


Through this service, I’m offering access to high level strategies that make your social media more effective. I also provide directly relevant tactics to bring your social media to life. I want to help small organizations make their social media goals a reality.

You might take a moment to think about what you are looking for from this service:

  • Are you having trouble getting your posts seen?

    {Let’s think}
  • Do you want more interaction from your followers?
  • Do you want more sales or email opt-ins from your social media?
  • Do you want more confidence knowing you are following the best practices on Facebook?
  • Have you realized social media can be time consuming and want to be more efficient with creating posts?
  • Are you wondering what the most recent Facebook updates are and if you can use them to your advantage?
  • Do you feel like you have an excellent product/service but feel like it’s getting lost in the online noise?

This service addresses all of these questions (and more)! I go beyond offering a simple tutorial, and offer how these specifically apply to your business in two 60 minute online meetings. Beta Bonus: For a limited time, I am also offering two weeks of follow up via email.


1. How To Be More Effective

Do you feel confident that your message is cutting through the online clutter? When you post to social media do you feel you clearly communicate your unique strengths in a non-sales-y way? Or does your brand and how you want your customers to view you get lost in translation? Do you sound like everyone else in your field?

A crucial key to making your social media work is having a defined brand. (A brand is not solely a cool logo, it is much more). I want to help you get clear on your brand and embrace it so you can be heard in a noisy online world. If you are already confident in this area, I will provide my take on your brand but not spend alot of time on this area.

I will also touch on blogging and how it can help your business. No one has time to blog, but you can save yourself advertising money by spending just an hour or two per week on a blog. Investing time (or money if you hire someone) to create blog content can be more effective than advertising.  I’ll explain the marketing strategy that surrounds blogging and some ideas to get off to a quick start.

2. How to (Re)Start your Social Media

A post to social media is like viewing the tip of the iceberg. Viewers see the iceberg tip, but there is a lot of going on underneath! For your Facebook posts to truly be effective, not only do you need to know your message (your brand), you need to know the Facebook platform and have a solid social media strategy.

I help you with these by providing training on the following:

  • The philosophy for using social media
  • How social media works to deliver sales
  • Refining target markets
  • Creating attractive posts
  • Defining social media objectives- awareness, engagement, sales
  • Facebook specific techniques & tips
  • Monitoring your social media for ongoing improvements
  • Other relevant insights for your organization

3. How to Be More Efficient

If you have done any work with social media, you know that creating content can be time consuming! I will provide some on-platform features and off-platform processes to organize and streamline your content creation process. This can help dramatically decrease the time you spend, also making it easier for you to post more consistently.

4. Samples

I provide suggestions for improving your current branding and Facebook posts. I will also provide 5 sample Facebook posts so you can see exactly how to apply these high-level insights.

I’ve found that there are 3 critical (and difficult) steps to improving your social media:

1) Learning (finding relevant and accurate information online)

2) Applying (understanding how information applies to your specific situation)

3) Executing (consistently posting, applying concepts, and tweaking to continuously improve your social media performance).

This service is unique in that I help you with both 1 & 2! (More on this below). When we are done, you will be in a position to execute confidently for continuous improvement. (This will also save you the money from myself doing #3 for you!)

Beta Bonus: While this service is new, I am offering 2 weeks of follow up. You can email me with any questions as to strategy or tactics for 2 weeks following training. I will be happy to help answer your questions and insure that you get the most out of our meeting.


Can’t I get this information from an online tutorial?

Nope. Most online tutorials by top social media leaders only provide help with concepts. My experience with online tutorials is that there is more hard-lifting to be done in terms of applying concepts.  (This can be  tricky if you don’t have enough professional social media experience).

They can also be hours and hours long, but full of information that doesn’t apply to your small business. (I even bought one that was this long and left out information on how to grow your following!) In most cases, small businesses need to more fully understand how Facebook works and use their current Page options before delving into more complicated advertising options.

These two scenarios are negated here, because I focus on talking about what small businesses need to know, and edit out what you already know. I spend time to understand your specific business & social media strategy. (I do this by emailing or calling you to fill out a questionarre up front). I teach concepts and apply concepts, thereby taking the stress off you to create an effective social media strategy.

Well, can’t any social media manager provide this insight?

Perhaps, but they usually won’t. There’s a conflict of interest there. Why would a social media manager want to teach you  when they could simply charge you continuously to do it instead? My experience has been that the social media manager will charge you the equivalent of 3 mos of work ($750).That’s not really a fair price point unless they truly deliver high level strategy and relevant samples. Instead, what I found from purchasing these services is that I got no high level strategy, instead there was discussion on ad pictures and wording I was already confident about, and no preparation beforehand to make the meeting worthwhile.

I felt that there was a conflict of interest in delivering their best service, because they really wanted me to buy their ongoing service. That’s part of why I don’t offer an ongoing service. I have structured my business to eliminate that conflict of interest by making my only services  Facebook Reveal and Instagram Reveal (coming soon).

Do you teach Facebook Ads Manager in this course?

No, I do not teach the back end of Facebook or Ads Manager in this service. In my experience, Ads Manager is complicated and not worth the time for small businesses to learn it. Did you know that in order for Ads Manager & the Facebook Pixel to work optimally you have to have a very high volume of traffic to your website? Facebook looks at that traffic and retargets those people, but it won’t do it unless you have a high level of traffic in the first place.

But how do you get that high volume of traffic in the first place? One way is to take this coaching service. I will tell you how to use Facebook to increase your traffic so you will be in a position to use Ads Manager and do even higher level advertising in the future. Trust me, I’ve seen mid-size multi-offering businesses open for 10 years that were not able to use Facebook Ads Manager because they didn’t have the website traffic. Most small businesses will want to start with this course and build up their traffic.

I will be offering Facebook Ads as a service soon. When I do, I’ll give a discount to those who have taken this course. (After all, it would be optimal for a business to be running high quality posts on their Facebook Page alongside Facebook Ads). You have nothing to lose by taking this course now. You can build up to the place where you can maximize the targeting options in Facebook Ads in the next three, six, or twelve months- depending on your time and resources.

How can I know that you know what you’re talking about?

My knowledge base on marketing and social media is quite deep. It includes:

  • Decades of marketing experience
  • Over $1,200 in social media training across Facebook & Instagram
  • Membership in a couple exclusive, paid Social Media Manager Clubs – including Social Media Examiner (membership has a $300 price tag)
  • The latest marketing and social media books from: Guy Kawasaki, Mark Schaefer, and more
  • Completely up to date on the latest Facebook & Instagram updates and trends – follow my Facebook or Instagram profile to keep up on these.

The Mustard Seed Social profiles on Instagram and Facebook also demonstrate my understanding of each platform.

Why don’t you have a larger following?

I am still in the early stages of building my social presence, and building momentum. I am excited that people see my small businesses posts at all, often without paid money behind them. It’s also notable that Facebook and Instagram are not ideal for business to business organizations (they are for business to consumer), but I like to use them to show my expertise.

Side note: I would also advise any business against growing a large following for the sake of… growing a large following. This is a vanity metric small businesses can get overly concerned with. A small following that appreciates you and interacts with your posts is much better than a large following that never sees or doesn’t relate to your posts.

For example, buying followers from Africa will bloat your follower number, but they won’t help your sales! When it comes around to buying ads, that fake following will complicate ad buys and potentially make your ads more expensive.

Can I consult with you after the meeting?

Most definitely. I am offering two whole weeks of follow up for the beta version of this product. I want to make sure this service provides the promised value.

This is a win-win. You can feel assured that all the information you need is provided. If I don’t provide it in the two 60 minute meetings, I can provide it later. By inquiring later, you will be helping me to insure I provide all the information necessary to future clients.

Can I get a discount?

Sorry, there are no discounts. A discount is really a re-set of the price because it was too high. I feel I have priced this offering fairly. Also, a discount truly becomes the new price point; its the expectation for future transactions and it gets passed on to others. In that way, discounts are truly unhelpful to my business, so I don’t do them.

Can’t I find this information online for free?

Nope. Most if not all free social media posts, blog posts, and seminars are leading to the paid version. I’ve seen social media managers explicitly share that their content is breadcrumbs that leads to the paid version. A lot of the content out there is to help you know that social media leaders are knowledgeable. It doesn’t make sense for social media leaders to give away the secret sauce for free.

Why don’t you structure your offerings like everyone else?

I realized that this could be one way my brand could be unique.  At the same time, my mission from the start has been to help small businesses. The structure of this offering helps me to do that, in a way that no-one else wants to.

I was reluctant to offer the secret sauce at first, too! But then I realized, that’s what everyone wants. So why not give it to them for a fair price?

Besides that, I don’t think the common pay per month model works for small organizations or social media managers. Social media managers focus on offering their services on a monthly basis but small organizations can only pay them for a season, thereby their social media falls silent during other seasons. Your social media posts need to  continue year round to be effective. There is a case for augmenting seasonally with ads, but the posts themselves should be consistent.

The solution is to enable small organizations to post themselves and to set realistic short term and long term social media goals. If you want higher profitability in the short term, that may require high level strategy, more hours, more dollars, or all of the above. Either way, it will cost you less if you or a staff member do the execution. I can save them a ton of time by giving them the best foundation to start from.


The Facebook Reveal service is a $250 investment. (Subject to change, see “Are you underpricing yourself?”) The investment must be paid upfront, it can be paid by check or online via PayPal.

As mentioned, the service includes 2 one-hour online meetings. I also provide information specific to your business that you can use right away, including 5-6 Facebook posts.

If you are interested or simply need more information about this service, schedule a call with me by clicking on the button below. You will be redirected to my calendar where you can choose a timeslot.

Are you underpricing yourself?

Possibly. My price will go up after I have enough initial customers test this new service. I want to make sure I am delivering the concepts and application as promised. Once I have more experience with this offering, my price will go up.


Let’s get together so I can help you put together a winning Facebook strategy!  This Facebook Reveal package includes some branding suggestions as well as Facebook specific strategies and tactics to help you become more visible, effective, and efficient on the Facebook platform. It can help you meet your specific organizational goals.

If you are interested or simply need more information about this service, schedule a call with me by clicking on the button below. You will be redirected to my calendar where you can choose a timeslot.